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Happy Cafe

Happy Cafe

Happy Cafe was a project built in class during the Web Professional Course at Web Courses Bangkok.

This project built upon the HTML, CSS and Bootstrap skills we learned building the Craft Bar website.

While the Craft Bar site was a single page website, Happy Cafe instead has numerous pages. Another significant challenge in building this site were the images. Every visual asset was provided to us ready to use in Craft Bar, whereas Happy Cafe required significant photo editing to make the images fit the site, most notably the team photo on the About page which had to be cut out.

To boost my knowledge of the Divi theme, I re-created this site, with different content, and called it Vegan Cafe, which also features in my portfolio.


Please see the full homescreen below.

You can find a live version of this website here while the code is in a GitHub repo here.

If you found my work interesting, please get in touch so we can discuss how my work can meet your needs.